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Feral Cats

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  1. are ferals and strays the same thing?
  2. My Short Sighted Dirty Little Secret
  3. Need guidance on feral/outdoor cat issue (kinda long!)
  4. People against TNR?
  5. Ideas for abandoned kitten?
  6. de-worming
  7. Special Holiday Kitty Dinners?
  8. At one of those X-roads
  9. Careful! Black cats = bad luck
  10. thank you judge Morrison
  11. Do you feed a colony of strays?
  12. Shelter for Smokey part 2
  13. HELP HELP HELP!! Entire colony in immediate danger!
  14. Planning for Feral Cats & Rabies Risk
  15. Shelter for Smokey
  16. should I keep taking care of 6 ferals or stop?
  17. Strays start allowing touch after a full year!
  18. A very good rescue
  19. New face at the door
  20. PuddyClone is becoming a PIA
  21. Mooch and Phantom
  22. Emergency stray question
  23. Stray mum has socialised completely(?) but her kittens haven't improved at all!
  24. Feral, stray or abandoned?
  25. Tux aka Buddy
  26. FeLv in feral cats
  27. How do we get our litter of 4 nervous kittens to the vets?
  28. Advice for Shiva? (pregnant/nursing feral queen)
  29. Scared to death?
  30. Happy belated FCD!!!!
  31. The (ongoing) story of two orphans and their colony
  32. Excellent article in Trenton New Jersey on TNR
  33. Wild Mice
  34. Need advice
  35. Tagging?
  36. What is TNR
  37. Two Feral Kittens Help with Question and Guidance
  38. Saving some better than none
  39. Ant Proof Bowls
  40. Stats on ferals and birds
  41. Maturity normal for kitten or feral?
  42. Fixing 2 kittens tomorow
  43. To Spay or Not - Pregnant Farm Cat
  44. Big Feral Colony
  45. Hurricane Irene
  46. Training a feral kitten, any help would be greatly appreciated
  47. Theives - two down, two to go
  48. A New Clinic . .
  49. Ferals/Strays What is going on?
  50. Found a VERY cute kitty
  51. Feral cat behavior expert needed
  52. I'm very worried about Black Cat
  53. Yck possums
  54. Trap Feral Cats in N. St. Paul, End Up in Jail?
  55. Abandoned cat questions
  56. One meow at a time.
  57. Catching Ferals; I'm excited!
  58. It begins!
  59. How to help feral w/eye injury (pics of injury)
  60. Just a thought about my 2 ferals
  61. Help with feral kitten
  62. TNR in Wash Post Today
  63. Help with resident cat and semi feral
  64. Update on newest ferals
  65. The Prodigal Cat
  66. question
  67. Aggressive cat destroying my strays' colony. Need help ASAP please!
  68. Straying stray cat
  69. Feral mom and kid/s in hiding?
  70. I chipped a feral
  71. NOW what do I do???
  72. A wonderful happening
  73. Why couldn't I tame this feral?
  74. Since Its Easter How About TNR In The Holy Land!
  75. water for the feral cats
  76. Feed back on my TNR ferals
  77. Drop Trap (It's the season)
  78. Chip a stray?
  79. Scary looking new cat
  80. Feral Rescue Organization in NJ
  81. Group of stray cats
  82. We are yours. Forgotten Felines
  83. Making more progress
  84. How to catch the 3 remaining unneutered ones?
  85. Cool, Cool, Kitty
  86. Collars on ferals?
  87. Good New From my Small TNR/Rescue group.
  88. I just fell off the fence -- BIG THUMP!
  89. I got "help" trapping today
  90. Four new cats
  91. TNR funny :)
  92. The joys of TNR
  93. Catnip?
  94. Behaving Oddly
  95. cat callers?
  96. Taking on more ferals
  97. Unable to isolate my new feral kitty.
  98. Catching two ferals on top of a roof, please advice!
  99. My feral Shadow
  100. Lesser of two evils?
  101. Not so feral anymore
  102. Sad day
  103. ant/slug proof dishes
  104. Poor Little Kitten
  105. Gonna give one a shot.
  106. First touch
  107. Setting the Record Straight on Oreo¯s Law/ Alley Cat Allies
  108. Why do some of the strays follow me for hours?
  109. Lawmakers battle over TNR & Shooting Cats
  110. We made it into the newspaper!
  111. Poor kitty - how do I help her?
  112. Hobo Mewed to me!!
  113. Rescue remedy?
  114. One is getting better, one is getting worse!!
  115. Rescued Feral help!
  116. Need some help!
  117. what should i do?
  118. She's fat, he's not
  119. Humans
  120. Feral kitten to house kitten
  121. Sailor Jerry updates and a few questions
  122. Does this sound good?
  123. The two strays
  124. Brought two ferals home for the winter
  125. Straw maintenance?
  126. Hypothetical colony care
  127. I need advice about colony asap, pleeease!
  128. Winter hydration
  129. Can u tell gender w/o looking under tail?
  130. Relocating a feral cat?
  131. My 25 strays and my inexperience
  132. Feral mom and homegrown kittens. How to get mom to be more at ease?
  133. Keeping things clean and sanitary
  134. Feral or stray?
  135. What does this mean?
  136. Big scare for my ferals
  137. Siblings - do cats know?
  138. How Do I Know If Shes Really Feral
  139. My rescued feral has escaped....
  140. keeping water dish from freezing
  141. Any tips for starting a feral cat fund?
  142. Small milestone
  143. Needing some advice
  144. Heartworm medicine
  145. The Taming of the Cat - A Success Story
  146. Winter feeding station
  147. Feral in shelter ceiling for 13 days
  148. Another question
  149. Confusing behaviour
  150. Not the sharpest claws in the paw...
  151. Never say Never
  152. 2 cats back with the colony
  153. Human interaction
  154. Neighbor is fostering ferals but he's away 12 hours a day
  155. Neighbor has been feeding last female. UGH!!!!
  156. More than just Food for Ferals
  157. What's the warmest plug-in bed for feral cats?
  158. Got one of the sly females tonight
  159. We caught a "stray"....
  160. Vet cut off feral cat's ear! No explanation
  161. Ferals eating poisoned mice
  162. Feral Cat trapping help needed
  163. Feral Cat Sanctuary In North Carolina
  164. No shelters want the feral females
  165. November Update
  166. Momcat and baby-cats
  167. why do ferals leave the colony?
  168. Please help me help her.
  169. Taming feral kittens story
  170. Trapping inside house?
  171. Ivan the Meowable
  172. Food for Ferals
  173. Need some help...not sure if it's a feral
  174. Tame in a colony?
  175. How long?
  176. Treats reward alternative?
  177. Our latest batch lol
  178. feral kitten found in barn with serious looking issue
  179. Should I trap these 2 feral kittens?
  180. I've had lots of feral cats, They are breeding machines. yikes!
  181. Feral Kitten--pictures and questions
  182. She's Back and With Her Kittens
  183. I may try to rescue my first feral.
  184. Building Shelters/ Organizing Stickies
  185. One cat down!
  186. Need some help with this.
  187. Heart warming video of an 81 yr old man who feeds feral cats
  188. Stalker & Home Invasion Cat
  189. Cages
  190. TNR Update
  191. Blue Update 8/9
  192. Please help!!
  193. 2 down, 2 to go
  194. Blue update
  195. My first rescue!
  196. This is strange...
  197. Hi from Feral Kittens
  198. Ny Shelters...
  199. Little Blue
  200. finally got a trap 7/14
  201. Kittens in dangerous, abandoned building
  202. Ant Proof Bowls
  203. Neighbors dogs attacking cats, what can I do?
  204. Trouble with neighbors cat pushing around my ferals
  205. Trapping kittens too soon?
  206. Deworm or no
  207. Hobo
  208. Need advice feral cat with 10 kittens
  209. Rehoming Tamed Feral Cat Question
  210. need feral cat help
  211. Another few questions...
  212. Feral cats help?
  213. My feral documentary site
  214. Straw replacement?
  215. mom cat and grey kitten
  216. cutting holes in plastic bins?
  217. How to do a TNR when you find a cat in the middle of nowhere
  218. Rescued 3 Feral/Stray Kittens
  219. The Tale Continues...Momma Cat #1
  220. just saved a feral kitty
  221. What do you guys feed ferals
  222. Feral Cat smells like... tomatoes?
  223. Anyone opposed to taking ferals to shelters?
  224. Spaying/neutering ferals
  225. New Home for Ferals From San Nicolas Island
  226. Help with Veterinary Bills!
  227. Help with a stray: needs to be neutered, sick?, etc!
  228. Some good news and some bad news
  229. Birthing Place for Feral Kittens
  230. First TNR
  231. Feral Boys
  232. A Blustry Day
  234. Ready to TNR? Trapping Kit will get you started!
  235. How do I keep feral cats away?
  236. Socialization, just some of my thoughts...
  237. What should I do.? :(
  238. 'outdoor' cat.
  239. Feral with Bad Wound
  240. formerly feral cats reverting?
  241. Adventures in Trapping
  242. Got a Stray and SPRAYING
  243. More Good News From Best Friends For Ferals!
  244. What do I do
  245. Advise for what to feed a very skinny stray
  246. So I've got her in the house...
  247. I need help trapping a feral for a 2nd time.
  248. Help with Stray Cat
  249. FREE SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC in the New York Long Island Area
  250. What can go wrong when TNRing! Funny not sad!