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Feral Cats

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  1. To Trap Or Not To Trap Pregnant Feral?
  2. Say What!
  3. The Jackie-Boy drama continues (medroxyprogesterone acetate)
  4. new, and problem with feral kitten
  5. Violent singing stalking starving formal feral cat
  6. T-N-R Grants
  7. Feral/stray? in Hammond LA for adoption
  8. I need your help again. Long overdue updates inside
  9. new cat in the feral cat colony- FIGHTING
  10. Hay or straw?
  11. Heated pet bowl is coming
  12. Kittn update
  13. We've recently had 3 cats to show up in our neighborhood...
  14. Comedian on You Tube Joking About Kicking Cats
  15. PLEASE ADVICE! crows eating kitty's food!
  16. First time kitty owner- taming feral cat.
  17. Heated Pet Bowl for 2 feral cats
  18. Will HE Spray ??
  19. Please help me with a young Kitten Update: Success W/Photos!
  20. Kids
  21. Getting Feral/Stray Cat to the Vet?
  22. Unsure What To Do
  23. Question about water for the 2 feral cats
  24. Scrappy and Mom cat
  25. Keep getting stray cats in our house.
  26. Simba and his brothers update
  27. how do i keep other cats out of my colony?
  28. how do i keep other cats out of my colony?
  29. Update on Sassy
  30. Happy to find this board!
  31. Errand cat comes on our balcony.
  32. Frieda
  33. How to trap a kitten
  34. should i keep doing this?
  35. Just glad to have found this board!
  36. wounded feral help me
  37. can cats get sick from used toys/bedding?
  38. New here- ferals with URI?
  39. Feral Cat Diarrhea
  40. Socializing kittens from a stray mother.
  41. Stray cat returned - Very Sick
  42. Aggressive feral cat/UPDATE
  43. Some Good News and some questions
  44. Orange Cats need names
  45. Problem introducing New Feral Kitten
  46. Next Step for Feral Kitty
  47. I touched the feral brave kitty
  48. Ferals feeding
  49. Tryn to figure out the orange kittys family
  50. Need help with a feral cat
  51. Any tips how to trap feral cat?
  52. Silent Feral Cat, Now Meowing
  53. Kitty? Or Raccoon?
  54. Henchka
  55. Mom and her kittens
  56. Taming & Socializing Feral Kittens & Cats
  57. Fostering Feral Kittens
  58. Cat visitor
  59. How to approach the removal of feral kittens
  60. Brave Kitty Cat
  61. Rick's Feral Kittens Update (former missing feral kittens)
  63. Feral Cat and missing kittens
  64. More ferals showed up!
  65. Need help with stray cats
  66. Feral Kitten Calling to Mom
  67. Feral Mama hates the Vet
  68. Unattentive feral mom (I'M GOING NUTS)
  69. Feral Kittens & Fun story
  70. Feral cat had kittens in my garage
  71. Sassy's automotive bailout
  72. My newest project!- Updated
  73. Stray Kitten, Depressed?
  74. Need answers on a semi-feral cat.
  75. Mom cat & her kittens
  76. Tips on medicating ferals
  77. Two Things i am worried about
  78. Found a kitten today...(update page 3)
  79. Need Help Fast to save Kittens!!
  80. Help- young feral kitten (eyes just opened)
  81. Sweet baby.
  82. 5 Month Old Feral-New At My House
  83. Video ~ How to relocate feral cats
  84. treating possible exposure to distemper
  85. Best Friends Feral Cat webpage
  86. Need advice - feral cat had kittens on my patio!
  87. Please look
  88. It's poetry time...
  90. Bad Economy Trickles Down To Hurt The Feral Colonies Too
  91. Indoor Feral Cat With Hairball Problem
  92. New Project. UPDATE: She's inside, 2 new pics
  93. A friend has adopted a feral!
  94. Feral Cat on Ellen DeGeneres show
  95. Scary Havahart Misfire!
  96. What do I do?? UPDATE!!!!
  97. Feeding a Feral
  98. TNR for a female cat - Update: Good news!
  99. Heated pads/beds for winter
  100. Catching Feral Cats
  101. Moving with a Stray?
  102. Urgent - Please help, don't know what to do
  103. relocating feral cats
  104. Feral Sociology
  105. HELP !!! Cat in Ceiling !!!
  106. One bad apple....
  107. Hi friends- I am new here
  108. Need Help With Feral Kittens
  109. water ideas for cats
  110. Question about where to feed
  111. Feral Kitten Help
  112. Aggressive feral cat
  113. Another Good Deed Done by Alley Cat Allies
  114. Raccoon in broad daylight!
  115. Feral Cat Shelter
  116. Can anyone give some advice on handling my feral cat??
  117. Heating source for a feral cat house
  118. Feral Cat Frustration
  119. What does she WANT?
  120. I need some ideas...
  121. A feral cat story.
  122. Need info on relocating feral cats
  123. Adopting a wild child?
  124. Indoor Ferral?
  125. Blind cat - Advice appreciated, Urgent
  126. Feral Cat & kittens
  127. Feral kitten and litterbox training
  128. The Orange Cat(need some advice asap)
  129. Former feral who is still untamed after four years...
  130. winter protection
  131. Help!!!
  132. Warding off Feral Cats
  133. Waylen
  134. TNR Escapee Cat - Update with a surprise!
  135. How to track a nursing female?
  136. Feral colony at work - HELP!
  137. This poor little baby!
  138. A happy ending
  139. Bragging rights
  140. Indoor ferals & inappropriate elimination
  141. Feral Cat website
  142. Reached a 24hr milestone!
  143. Calming former feral during medication
  144. newborn kitties - mom not nursing?
  145. TNR gone bad (escapee cat)
  146. Fantastic News
  147. Brand Spankin New
  148. Mama tabby after 2.5 cans of food
  149. how old are they? and are they totally feral?
  150. What should I do?
  151. Wow...kitten advice?
  152. Feral I've trapped/spayed may be nursing kittens - what now?
  153. SPCA or not ?
  154. New, questions
  155. Hi!!
  156. Socializing Mature Feral Sister Cats
  157. First *semi*-feral kitten--suggestions?
  158. Third time lucky the # $%*
  159. A spay/neuter thoughts and a possible debate...
  160. Feral cat colony infested with fleas!!
  161. Advice Requested Regarding Feral Cat
  162. A Saki update with pictures.
  163. Will relocating 2 cats to my backyard attract more cats?
  164. Sparta has a Forever Home
  165. Female
  166. Big Guy
  167. What should I do?
  168. Something I have noticed about my feral cats
  169. Hey! I'm new!! Please read!
  170. A first in T/N/R
  171. Need your help. ~~Questions ~~
  172. Oh Dang, Ringworm
  173. great news for the big island of hawaii
  174. Great progress with my feral, Pretty!
  175. State of Hawaii bill
  176. It's too bad she's having such a hard time adjusting inside.
  177. Oh. My. WORD
  178. Is it un-wise to crate a cat outside at night?
  179. 1st experience with feral kitten-story + suggestions needed
  180. Erin's Missing Thread
  181. My saga continues... (and I need a foster home)
  182. 3 Feral Kittens Hiding in my Store
  183. Outdoor Shelters for Feral Cats
  184. Adoption contracts?
  185. Toby the Faux Feral
  186. Keeping possums out of the cat food.
  187. Help needed
  188. Indoor cat meets Outdoor cat
  189. Freeway
  190. Cathouse webcam
  191. Anyone in Florida?
  192. Kittens under my porch...not sure what to do?!
  193. My first TRR (Trap & Relocate Raccoon) -- It came back!!
  194. Moving; need advice
  195. Digital software for correcting dogs and cats eyes
  196. Need advice for taking kitties from mother
  197. Freeway Again
  198. Pregnant feral
  199. Freeway
  200. My Foster Babies!
  201. stray, and scratching
  202. want to share a story about a pretty girl update 4/2
  203. little kittens out alone
  204. Chester and Tabby - Update
  205. New feral cat spay program
  206. My First TNR
  207. Last One
  208. Loaned out my cat trap... Good update pg3, (Gruesome pg2).
  209. Off the ground feral feeding stations
  210. Little Jimmy "UPDATE"
  211. FIV+ Ferals - interesting article
  212. Not really a "feral" cat question, but semi-relate
  213. Gladys was pregnant AGAIN!
  214. So far..
  215. abanndoned kitten
  216. We caught Gladys! And a kitten! :D
  217. All Kittens Adopted
  218. Foster cat goes home in one week
  219. Beautiful Tabby Mommy
  220. Got another
  221. Got You
  222. Stephen is missing :(
  224. Feeding a little feral on my street
  225. My new Fosters
  226. Not a cat!
  227. After much discussion....
  228. A couple foster kitten questions...
  229. How to catch a pregnant cat without a trap?
  230. I have a SAVE to brag about!
  231. Considering becoming involved in TNR
  232. Invasion of the black tomcats **Update - good news!**
  233. Socializing can be tough...
  234. We have a stray cat...I think she is pregnant
  235. First time with TNVR...
  236. New feral, need some help new to this
  237. One got away :(
  238. Prayer for Street Kitties
  239. First big TNR for us!
  240. More Low Cost Spay and Neuter Organizations US/Canada
  241. Pregnant Adopted Stray
  242. Too many cats!
  243. Might have a pregnant stray...
  244. Robert, my first TNR!
  245. Purchasing Cat Trap
  246. These two...
  247. Rescue today = two kittens...Update pics
  248. Dallas and Patches may be leaving tonight.....
  249. Timmy and Beau - ADOPTED
  250. Pregnant Feral...need help!