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Feral Cats

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  51. Feeling Guilty
  52. Sick cat diet.
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  59. Socializing Heck
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  64. 7 left
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  78. cat feeder design
  79. Cat feeder plans
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  108. Open garage door
  109. Meet Thomas :)
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  112. Finding the Styrofoam Cooler
  113. Feeding Ferals in cold weather
  114. questions about keeping a colony at home
  115. i have a question about heated pads
  116. Adult female recently started terrorizing 6-mo/old female, both spayed
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  128. Going mad over this....
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  130. moved all of feeding shelters off the Elks Club property
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  140. No TNR programs in Australia?
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  145. Any ideas on borrowing traps for free?
  146. New here and caretaker for feral cats
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  148. I need help deciding what to do with a possible stray
  149. Does anyone else consider ferals/strays as their pets?
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  153. Advice on Pumpkin
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  170. Polar Bowl - Freezable water bowls from KV Supply
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  184. cat condos for ferals in Toronto
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  186. Feral Cats..
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  191. Never Say Never
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  199. In a perfect world
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  224. I've seen the tracks in the fresh snow
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  226. statistical study of the Lynchburg Humane Society
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