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  • Chris R ·
    Thank you very much! :) It was my first birthday as a cat ownee, kind of like the beginning of a new chapter in my life, so I guess it was pretty special :)
    Vorguen ·
    do cats normally change their behavior around their teenage years? basically a very affectionate and cuddly kitten can become standoffish and practically ignore you in the future?
    Pawsitively Nicole ·
    Oops, I apologize for messing up her name! That really stinks about the FIV, however she is lucky cause she has you watching over her through it. Thank you for the hard work you are doing in caring for these guys. I very much enjoyed seeing some of your colony and am excited to see more in the future!
    Whaler ·
    thanks for the nice compliments on some of my colony. her name is actually mommie (she had 5 kittens when i trapped her), sadly she has FIV so i am really focused on trying to keep my eyes on her for any signs of trouble. so far so good :)
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