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  1. Cat with struvite crystals

    Health and Nutrition
    Hey there, sorry you're having trouble with your kitty. Crystals are no fun at all. My kitty Nuki had the same issue about 5 years ago. First they gave her some medication and it seemed to go away for a bit, but without a change of diet it just came back(we had her on blue buffalo dry food after...
  2. Hello from me and Mochi!

    Introduce Yourself
    We've only had him for a little over a year now, but he is a Butter Ball Python, growing fast! I had a Red Tail Boa growing up for a while (along with many other more exotic animals, as my mother liked to raise a little bit of everything interesting haha) so it's cool to have another snake...
  3. Hello from me and Mochi!

    Introduce Yourself
    Alright so I can not for the life of me figure out how to edit my first post I'll add the pictures to this one in the order they were meant to be in. Hopefully they show up this time!
  4. Hello from me and Mochi!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hmm I added them in while making the post. Hopefully I can edit and add the in now =)
  5. Hello from me and Mochi!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey there! My name is Ashley, I'm 28 and live in Minnesota with my wonderful boyfriend, our 13 year old Australian Shepherd Pepper, 3 crested geckos, a ball python, annnnnnd now our sweet baby Mochi! We adopted Mochi from YetiCoons about 2 weeks ago and I am beyond happy to have her as part of...
1-5 of 5 Results