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  1. Foster kittens/foster fail?

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    I am fostering two kittens for the shelter who were found alone on the side of the road in a secluded area. They are super unique looking and I was wondering if anyone knows what their color pattern is called and what they will look like when they are older. I think I am adopting the short...
  2. thinking of getting more cats

    So, I'm thinking about getting one or two new kittens. I have two males, and one female already, and want to get two more males. What should I expect? My three cats turned a year old last month, the two I wish to adopt are 5-6 months old. The kittens are pretty much to same size as my cats. Is...
  3. Just adopted two new cats. Already have 1 year old

    Hey everyone, I’m brand new, just joined today in search for some help! I already have a one year old calico who I’ve have since she was about two months old. I just took in two adult cats who are around 8 years old. Ive never been in this situation, and need help. what is the best way to...
  4. Lesser of two evils?

    Hi all, Some background first. There are two 'stray cats' at my boyfriends mom's home. I say 'stray' because one has been coming around for nearly two years, the other for around 6 months. They both clearly depend on her for a source of food and shelter and they are around the house all day...