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  1. Mother's behaviour towards kittens from different litter, aggressive?

    Hi, Months before I had rescued the motherless kittens Goku and Sumi (both in June), there were already two grown up cats who were visiting us from time to time for a treat- a male and a female. Mind you, they are stray and feral, and do not like to be petted. They eat and run! Ever since I...
  2. My cat randomly attacks me

    I found my cat back in June 2019, I named him Ferguson. He was young. Maybe only 2 months old. He was malnourished and sick. I took him to the vet and got him feeling better. He was so weak he wouldnt even play, it took him a while to even show interest. He slowly turned around and was a normal...
  3. New Cat Aggression: Need help please!

    Up until a couple months ago we had three cats. We have Meatball (male, 3) and Toto (female, 2) They are energetic and fun cats. They are very sweet natured. We have Zoey who was a rescue about 8 years ago and she’s very old and definitely seems to be coming to the end of her days sadly...