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  1. New kitten too aggressive

    Hello everyone. I just got a kitten (female) of the same breed as my older kitten (make), same age but they won't tolerate each other. The female kitten (new one) specifically is the aggressive cat, not only towards the male but also towards us, unlike the male kitten when we got him. Any...
  2. cat seeks me out to attack me.

    Hello everyone. I have a nine year old male cat that is neutered. He is 14.5 pounds which the vet said was perfect for him and he has no other diagnosed issues other than feline asthma. He is not receiving treatment for asthma because I was told he would develop diabetes if he continued with the...
  3. New Cat Aggression: Need help please!

    Up until a couple months ago we had three cats. We have Meatball (male, 3) and Toto (female, 2) They are energetic and fun cats. They are very sweet natured. We have Zoey who was a rescue about 8 years ago and she’s very old and definitely seems to be coming to the end of her days sadly...