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  1. Behavior
    My male cat is around 10 months old. He was always an attention seeker ever since he was a few weeks old kitten. But things are getting unbearable now that he cries as if some one is killing him every night and every day. Could it be because he reached his mating season? please help! P.S...
  2. Behavior
    Hello! I just adopted a Himalayan and tortoiseshell mix girl who is 2 years old. She has been a very vocal cat the whole time I’ve had her, especially at night, but I’m wondering if this is normal? Sometimes she wakes me up because her meows are so loud and repetitive. She eats and drinks well...
  3. Behavior
    Hi everyone. As the title says, my cat will not stop meowing. Normally I would think maybe he was in pain or sick. But last Tuesday, my other cat Ella had to be put down. She went quickly and it was a shock. Poor girl had kidney failure and I had no choice but to do that. Since then, my other...
1-3 of 3 Results