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  1. Adopted Cat Won’t Stop Urinating and Defecating on My Bed!

    Hello! I adopted my first ever cat about two weeks ago! She is spayed & ~8 year-old Siamese mix and EVERY single day she urinates and defecates on my bed. I have looked up and tried every thing from Google and my vets recommendation and nothing is working. I tried changing her litter and litter...
  2. Mother's behaviour towards kittens from different litter, aggressive?

    Hi, Months before I had rescued the motherless kittens Goku and Sumi (both in June), there were already two grown up cats who were visiting us from time to time for a treat- a male and a female. Mind you, they are stray and feral, and do not like to be petted. They eat and run! Ever since I...
  3. New kitten too aggressive

    Hello everyone. I just got a kitten (female) of the same breed as my older kitten (make), same age but they won't tolerate each other. The female kitten (new one) specifically is the aggressive cat, not only towards the male but also towards us, unlike the male kitten when we got him. Any...
  4. cat is acting afraid of something

    I don't even know where to start. I am starting to think a guest in my home over Christmas pychologically abused my beloved calico. She won't come near me and she's normally glued to me. She won't cuddle with me. She isn't playing and she normally races around the house. She doesn't respond...
  5. Kitten suckling when being held

    So this is kind of weird, but I'm having an issue with my kitten sucking on his own private parts when he is held. He is about 4 months old and when ever I hold him or pick him up, he instantly wants to suck his "area". He only does it if he's being held, never in any other instances. He will do...