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  1. Behavior
    Hi All, So I have a 2yo female (spayed) apple head Siamese. Recently, I rescued a stray female (non spayed) 1yo kitty off the streets. They were becoming fairly acclimated with one another, no violence. I took the stray and had her spayed, now all they do is growl, hiss and lunge at one...
  2. Health and Nutrition
    I feel I have reached a dead end with my poor cat Suki. Since October 2020 she has turned into a completely different cat, she is around 14 years old and used to have the funniest, active personality (almost like a kitten) she was joined at my hip since the day we got her and due to my change...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hello I've had a 2 years old Bengal cat for about 8 weeks and am looking to get advice from others on the best in care and behaviour management, especially now that I've decided to keep her as an indoor cat. All guidance is massively appreciated.
  4. Behavior
    Hi. I've just joined this forum and looking for some advice. I live in Bali so all the houses are open tropical houses and there is a real feral cat problem. I moved house about 3 months ago to a rental. Had to move as my lease was up and this was the only suitable place I could find. The...