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  1. Cat Chat
    Cat feeling I found a intereated website, with photo can know my pet's feeling and breed.
  2. Cat Chat
    We think his mom and siblings were lost to a Coyote? We've had him for 2 1/2 years now . Hes still growing?? I don't know of any breeds that grow slow and large becides the Maine **** and the Russian (I forget the name of) any ideas what he might be? This is no normal abandoned fetal kitten 🐈...
  3. Breeding
    Hello! Anyone knows what breed is my kitten??
  4. Breeding
    Hello, I'm curious what breed my cat is. The person where I got him from says he's a persian cat. But I just found out that there is a lot of different kind of persian cats. He's my first pet so I don't have experience in different breeds and stuff.
  5. Meet My Kitty
    We adopted Bear a year ago and the baby about a month ago. Can anyone give me any insight as to what breed they are?thank you!
  6. Meet My Kitty
    I often get comments that my cats look like they have bengal in them. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether that's possible, or what their markings are classed as (tabby, tortie, tri colour, mackerel, bengal)? They are siblings. The grey is male. He has spotted markings on him and...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, My name is Soup and i like cats but I dont really have a cat just yet and I cant decided on which breed i should get, any recommendation? (i like black cats)
  8. Meet My Kitty
    my mom found a stray cat under my grandpas car today and named her miss betty. we decided that if she’s still with us in 2 weeks we’re gonna get her spayed, microchipped, and keep her as an outside cat. i THINK she’s an american shorthair tortoiseshell but i don’t know it for a fact. any help...
  9. Meet My Kitty
    She is my 1 months old kitten. I don't know which breed she is. But she looks very similar to Turkish Van. What do you think? And isn't she beautiful? 😍
  10. Breeding
    I think my cat is a British shorthair, what do you think?
  11. Meet My Kitty
    Hello we just got 3 months old kitty Oskar (I am from Czech Republic, in english it could be Oscar), we think it might be a Maine **** cat crossbreed. Or I am wrong? What do you think?
  12. Breeding
    So I saw this cat and it was so friendly and nice. But it was the biggest cat I have ever seen and I want to know what kind of cat it is. It had really soft nice fur and was very social. Sorry I don’t have better pictures, if you have any ideas on what breed it could be that would be great!
  13. Breeding
    This is Sol, my calico cat who was borned in a barn at my in-law parents place. The mom cat is a slim and not to big tortoise cat, with a really small face. She shy and does not like to be cuddles even though she is very friendly. I have never gotten a bit or a claw mark from her. The father is...
  14. Breeding
    Hi All, My bengal/british shorthair female is pregnanted by my male seal point siamese I have a few questions.. What will be kittens be considered once the Queen(her parents was a Marble bengal dad and her mother was a British Short Hair) gives birth? and what would the color be? Would...
  15. Breeding
    Hi Guys, We have had this stray cat called Ginger for many years now but I've never fully known what breed she is. I want to say tabby but I could be wrong any ideas? Thanks so much for any help!
1-16 of 16 Results