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  1. Health and Nutrition
    Let me reiterate my title, The Culprit isn't me it's my cat. The curious feline got out Two months back, and I only today managed to catch her. She is skin and bones, Likely due to no knowledge on how to hunt. Other than getting this silly thing a collar and tags, What is the best way to fatten...
  2. Hii

    Introduce Yourself
    Hii I’m new here!! my cat's name is kvothe, 13 weeks old and has a calico coat :3 I don’t know what breed :D I hope to make some friends here <3
  3. Breeding
    This is Sol, my calico cat who was borned in a barn at my in-law parents place. The mom cat is a slim and not to big tortoise cat, with a really small face. She shy and does not like to be cuddles even though she is very friendly. I have never gotten a bit or a claw mark from her. The father is...
1-3 of 3 Results