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  1. Health and Nutrition
    Hello all, my boy Oscar has an abscess on his cheek which i have cleaned out, however there is this white thing sticking out of the wound. I'm too worried to pull it out incase it causes him more discomfort. Please advise me as to what to do next, should i take him to the vet or leave it to heal??
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  3. Midnight, Cali, Liberty, Lucy, London, Lucky, Marie.jpg

    Midnight, Cali, Liberty, Lucy, London, Lucky, Marie.jpg

    Midnight, Cali (second cat,) Liberty, Lucy, London (daughters of Cali,) Lucky, and Marie
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  5. Midnight (2).JPG

    Midnight (2).JPG

    Midnight, my first cat ever. Beloved mother of my present three cats.
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  8. Health and Nutrition
    I am a cat rescuer and one of my rescued cats does not eat raw chicken. He eats everything, the dry food, the wet food but not raw chicken. This is so confusing, all of my other cats eat the chicken and they are perfectly fine.
  9. Health and Nutrition
    I wasn't entirely sure which forum to put this question into since it sort of falls into several categories. For the next three weeks, me and my cat will be staying with a family member. My cat has stayed at this home before, he knows the cats here, there's no issues there. Recently I've put...
  10. Health and Nutrition
    Hi! I adopted King Arthur my cat on April. He was a year old by then, now he’s a year and a half old. Like 3-4 months ago he started pooping blood. We are talking bright red blood in the poop (the poop looked normal, not too hard not too soft). We’ve been to the vet multiple times and tried...
  11. Behavior
    My cat is 3 years old and is pretty chill. She's been an inside cat most of her life but goes outside occasionally. However, ever since she was about a year old, she will meow very loudly at night. Even stranger, she carries a chew toy as she meows/cries at night. We try to pet her and play...
  12. Behavior
    Hi, I was hoping to receive some advice or explanation to my cats behaviour. My lovely boy (Simba) is just over a year old, very active, charming, loving and happy. He is an outdoor cat as I have a cat flap but he doesn’t tend to go out much when I’m home. Every evening he follows me up to bed...
  13. Behavior
    I have a long hair cat who has massive clumps under his front and hind legs and all over his chest and neck. I can sometimes get him to hold still long enough to trim the ones on his neck but he gets extremely aggressive when i get anywhere near his belly or lower body where the clumping is the...
  14. Behavior
    I moved to a new place with a new roommate about a week ago and brought my cat with me. We’ve given him free reign of the finished basement while he adjusts to things which I know will take a little longer. While I move some things around and get organized down there, I started to move his...
  15. Behavior
    Hi all, Some background first. There are two 'stray cats' at my boyfriends mom's home. I say 'stray' because one has been coming around for nearly two years, the other for around 6 months. They both clearly depend on her for a source of food and shelter and they are around the house all day...
  16. Behavior
    Hello, I am thinking about adopting a puppy or adult dog but I am not sure how my cat will react. She is 10 years old and spends 50/50 time inside and outside. She is very affectionate and used to living with a bird, but I worry that if I get a dog, she might stay outside for longer periods, and...
  17. Health and Nutrition
    Hi all! Was looking for any tips, advice, or any info on IMHA & these medications.. My cat Jax recently was diagnosed with IMHA. He went from completely normal, to near death with severe anemia. I knew my boy was acting strange for a few days, by hiding, hardly eating, and his gums were pale. We...
  18. Health and Nutrition
    My girlfriend has a terrible allergy to my cat, so I need an air purifier for pets. Is it really effective?
  19. Health and Nutrition
    My cat is 8 years old and has not had any issues so far aside from impacted anal glands which seemed to have corrected itself overtime (as verified by her vet). However, last week she stopped pooping for three days and also stopped eating so we took her to the vet. They took an X-ray which...
  20. Meet My Kitty
    Hey everyone I'm new to this do please bare with me. Background. 2011 my big beautiful boy (Knox) vanished. I rescued him as a kitten from RSPCA in Australia so was vaccinated chipped the lot. After a few years of searching and waiting I then fell pregnant and life got crazy and my search for...