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  1. Health and Nutrition
    Hello everybody, my six months old cat needs to get her rabies shot, the vet told me that she should get two rabies shots, so she got the first one and the second one is in two weeks. However, after returning home and searching online, i couldn't find any information about two doses of rabies...
  2. Meet My Kitty
    Hi there! It’s my first post here. Thought I should introduce Rio. He actually got 1 year old today. He is my first very own pet and Im really happy that I decided to buy him. He is super affectionate and kind friend. Sometimes ofcourse makes some naughty stuff too.
  3. Hii

    Introduce Yourself
    Hii I’m new here!! my cat's name is kvothe, 13 weeks old and has a calico coat :3 I don’t know what breed :D I hope to make some friends here <3
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hello! I am Ross. I live in Nashville. I have a 14-year-old Maine ****/Ragdoll mix named Lucifer. I love him very much except between 1-5am when he lives to wake me up every 30 minutes. Nice to meet all of you! -- Ross Senack
  5. Health and Nutrition
    Hi everyone! I've been dealing with a flea infestation for almost 2 months now and want this nightmare of a situation to end. It started out small, but then spread like wildfire around the entire house. I'm talking storms of fleas at a time trying to quench their thirst for blood by getting on...
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hey! My name is Nicole, I own two lovely cats. First there is Meow who is around 3 years old and my new addition is Dopey who is 4 years old. Unfortunately I don't know their breeds. Dopey is new in our family, he is very cuddly and loves waking us up at night! Meow is very loud and loves...
  7. Behavior
    Hello. Each summer, my ragdoll cat and me goes to a house with a garden. As Popcorn is an indoor cat and a very curious one at that, I didn't think it would be wise to let him go outside. However, his vet said it would be for the best and now, I take him outside in a leech at specific times...
  8. Behavior
    Hi everyone, I've had my cat for a year now, and I've trimmed his nails several times, but recently, it's been quite difficult. When I first got him, I took him to a groomers to have him bathed and have his claws trimmed, this was during the peak of COVID, so it was really difficult finding a...
  9. Behavior
    Hey there , I have 4 cats. They all have routine check ups and all that, so this was discussed previously but we are still having issues. One of our kitties not sure who exactly has been urinating on our bed. Now it’s not constantly it’s once like every 5 months. The key is that it’s always on...
  10. Health and Nutrition
    So i brought my first kitten around a week ago. I am in an apartment, so he is a 'house cat' and settling in really well. The first few days, it didn't smell at all in here but now its started to smell really bad. He is eating wet kitten food (which is particulary stinky) and using a litter...
  11. Behavior
    My cat, bella, has lived in my room with me for as long as I remember. I just remember I wanted a cat of my own, so my mother let this one that she adopted be mine. Every morning and night I let her go to the kitty litter in the bathroom, and I bring her dry food and water to my room, and refill...
  12. Health and Nutrition
    Hello everyone, as of a week or so ago while rubbing my cats belly (Male, around 4 years) I noticed one of his nipples seemed to be red and hard to the touch, I checked his reaction and he didn’t seem to even notice I was touching him, which would be normal for him if not in pain. The nipple...
  13. Health and Nutrition
    Hello all, my boy Oscar has an abscess on his cheek which i have cleaned out, however there is this white thing sticking out of the wound. I'm too worried to pull it out incase it causes him more discomfort. Please advise me as to what to do next, should i take him to the vet or leave it to heal??
  14. Midnight (2).JPG

    Midnight, my first cat ever. Beloved mother of my present three cats.
  15. Midnight, Cali, Liberty, Lucy, London, Lucky, Marie.jpg

    Midnight, Cali (second cat,) Liberty, Lucy, London (daughters of Cali,) Lucky, and Marie
  16. Health and Nutrition
    I am a cat rescuer and one of my rescued cats does not eat raw chicken. He eats everything, the dry food, the wet food but not raw chicken. This is so confusing, all of my other cats eat the chicken and they are perfectly fine.
1-20 of 32 Results