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  1. Behavior
    Cats are beloved pets, known for their independent nature and playful personalities. However, as any cat owner knows, they can also exhibit a range of behaviors that can be confusing and frustrating. From scratching furniture to spraying urine, these behaviors can cause stress for both the cat...
  2. Behavior
    Hello, I have an outdoor cat that showed up approximately 4-5 months ago. I feed him everyday, usually multiple times. He is very lovable and will come up and lay down, rolling over acting like he wants attention. After petting him for only a bit, he becomes aggressive and will bite and draw...
  3. Behavior
    I don’t know why he does this. Is it good or bad? He is biting down on the bed and kneading it with all legs. And purring. He does it for like 4-5 minutes and just stare at one place like crazy. I feel like something wrong. This is the second time I've seen him do this.
  4. Behavior
    Hi friends! We have two cats we got from the shelter. One we adapted over two years ago and the second over one year ago. They both used litter box. Both are sprayed. Then, months later, the new younger cat started pooping just near the litter box but not inside. Her poop is normal. Last couple...
  5. Behavior
    Hello! I am not really sure how to put this all together, so I will seperate each of my concerns in hopes of making it easier. -Cat: Norman; neutered male; 1 year old -A few days ago I was playing with Norman by moving my hand around under the sheets and letting him pounce on it (I know realize...
  6. Behavior
    Hi everyone, I've had my cat for a year now, and I've trimmed his nails several times, but recently, it's been quite difficult. When I first got him, I took him to a groomers to have him bathed and have his claws trimmed, this was during the peak of COVID, so it was really difficult finding a...
1-6 of 6 Results