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  1. Behavior
    Hi everyone, I am hoping some meezer people can help me (hopefully) bond better with my two Siamese cats! A few years ago I got a Siamese brother and sister from a breeder. I have been told since that they were not socialized very well, so the first year or so was challenging. I originally...
  2. Meet My Kitty
    gemma my white cat was my first kitty and only cat that i ever adopted from a shelter. after her my 3 other cats found me in weird n unique ways. gracie my 2nd cat (4th pic, licking dewey’s head) came to me right after hurricane irma. i live d right in the water in west palm beach florida. i...
  3. Behavior
    Hello, Any advice here would be very appreciated! Two months ago we bought a very nervous indoor cat, scared of her own shadow. About a month ago she started to not be afraid of me, and now she absolutely loves me, comes when I call, but is still terrified of everyone else in the house, even...
1-3 of 3 Results