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  1. Ding-Dong! Smalls Delivers Your Cat’s Delectable Dinner

    Health and Nutrition
    When it comes to finding high-quality, biology-based products for cats, you could say the pet industry sort of acts like a cat has its tongue. At least that’s what the co-founders of Smalls found when they were looking at a market that seemed to focus heavily on dogs. That was their inspiration...
  2. Looking for a new food brand

    Health and Nutrition
    So I’m currently looking for a new food brand for my large indoor cat. He is 17 lbs, and 5 years old. We recently stopped letting him go outside because I moved from a house with a yard, into an apartment complex so he isn’t been getting as much exercise as he used to. He isn’t overweight yet...
  3. Senior cat

    Health and Nutrition
    Good night, I would like tips on how to feed my elderly cat. He's losing his teeth and has difficulty feeding himself, even using pates.
  4. Cat Food for Older Felines - Veg Options

    Health and Nutrition
    Hi Friends, I'm really cynical about giving my pet cat the right food as I've dealt with a plethora of food allergy and indigestion issues in the past. I have a beautiful Persian cat (8-year old) and am super confused about giving him the right food. I was planning to order the next set online...