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  1. Aggressive upon introduction

    Hey everyone, I write this to you in the midst of a feline crisis... About a month ago we adopted a female kitty that was about 3 weeks old at the time, and named her Fleur. Fleur is a very vibrant Kitty, thats always full of energy and the need to play, or else we become her play-prey, nothing...
  2. Just adopted two new cats. Already have 1 year old

    Hey everyone, I’m brand new, just joined today in search for some help! I already have a one year old calico who I’ve have since she was about two months old. I just took in two adult cats who are around 8 years old. Ive never been in this situation, and need help. what is the best way to...
  3. Help with kittens, may it be an atack? (video)

    Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for reading. Doro and Tiana (male and female) are the two kittens living at home, they both are three and a half months old. He was picked up from the street when he was around 7 weeks, he is growing healthy and full of energy. We thought that feline company...