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  1. Behavior
    Why does my cat eat grass?? Its a short question...
  2. Behavior
    Hello all! I just had a quick question I wanted to ask you guys if you could help me out. So I want to adopt a manx/american bobtail mix kitten. She's currently healthy and doing great, but I was reading that short tailed cats can be prone to urinary tract, spinal cord, and manx syndrome issues...
  3. Meet My Kitty
    Without a doubt, I love my cats. There's still no denying that they can be little gremlins though. Honestly, one of the first things I said when we got our first cat, Rilla, was: I can't believe people get married when they could just get a cat! My parents looked a little scandalized, but don't...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    I am from India and happened to adopt a male kitten 7 months back during work from home era :p . We named him Rolo. He is super active all the time and has changed our life in a very different way. Hoping to get knowledge from the forum so we can take care of him in better ways. Below are his pics.
  5. Breeding
    Hello everyone I have recently adopted a 1 and half year old Scottish fold cat named Ness. The lady who had her previously hasn't provided any information about Nesses past. All I know is that she was born some day in May 2020... We are trying to insure Ness, knowing that she may suffer...
  6. Behavior
    As the title says sadly i failed to keep her in 😟, and now i believe she is pregnant. Im wondering how do i prepare for her kittens? I made her a little box house with lamenent flooring. She seems to like it. My biggest worry is she'll have her kittens some where not safe. Like outside, or not...
1-6 of 6 Results