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  1. Cat Chat
    need advise .. Got a new cat 3 months ago ( he’s about 6 months now ) I’m traveling for a week and a half What’s the best option 1. Have my friend that can take him in her small appartement so he have company all the time but not stay in his environment ( can cause stress and uncomfort) 2...
  2. Behavior
    i have a cat named Ethan, he’s around 6-8 months old and he’s been spending all his nights locked in a room. i’ve been encouraging my mom to let him out at night so that he can wander, but i’m so worried myself. i know he is probably gonna sleep but still… what if he breaks something? what if he...
  3. Behavior
    Hello, This is my first experience reaching out to a forum, but would love some cat community advice. I have two calico cats (1 and 3 years old). They both grew up with dogs, currently live with one; but can be skittish and hide from new guests in the house and loud noises. We will be moving...
1-3 of 3 Results