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  1. Amazing Magic toy for cats
  2. Meet My Kitty
    gemma my white cat was my first kitty and only cat that i ever adopted from a shelter. after her my 3 other cats found me in weird n unique ways. gracie my 2nd cat (4th pic, licking dewey’s head) came to me right after hurricane irma. i live d right in the water in west palm beach florida. i...
  3. Raw Food Diet
    I take care of a feral cat and the food that I currently feed him is Rachel Ray's wet food. I am 100% for raw diets and would love to out him on one soon!! I see him eat birds and mice all the time so if I did put him on a raw food diet would he be getting too much raw food? Right now I give him...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    My name is Taylor and I am the caretaker of a feral cat named Gulliver! I have been befriending him for a while, science August 2020. I have lots of experience working with cats. I have volunteered at many cat adoption places and even have done cat rehabilitation around neighborhood. I hope to...
  5. Midnight, Cali, Liberty, Lucy, London, Lucky, Marie.jpg

    Midnight, Cali (second cat,) Liberty, Lucy, London (daughters of Cali,) Lucky, and Marie
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hello Cat Lovers!! Me and my babies are new here. I look forward to immersing myself into this amazing community, asking/answering questions or just chatting in general about these lovable pets we sometimes call our children (well, I know I do hah).
  7. Behavior
    Hi, I was hoping to receive some advice or explanation to my cats behaviour. My lovely boy (Simba) is just over a year old, very active, charming, loving and happy. He is an outdoor cat as I have a cat flap but he doesn’t tend to go out much when I’m home. Every evening he follows me up to bed...
  8. Behavior
    I moved to a new place with a new roommate about a week ago and brought my cat with me. We’ve given him free reign of the finished basement while he adjusts to things which I know will take a little longer. While I move some things around and get organized down there, I started to move his...
  9. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone my name's is Jillian i'm a newbie here, we have two mad bengal cats who we got this year and a dog. At one time we had 4 cats and two dogs but as time passed my cat's crossed the rainbow bridge (now we have two new furbabies) and recently one of the dogs crossed the rainbow bridge.
  10. Behavior
    So I've had this stray cat come by my apartment for a year or so. He's (I'm assuming he's a boy) really friendly and loves human contact. He rubs up against my family and, during the summer, he likes to sleep under the bush right in front of our house for hours and hours. He comes and goes, and...
1-10 of 10 Results