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  1. Mother's behaviour towards kittens from different litter, aggressive?

    Hi, Months before I had rescued the motherless kittens Goku and Sumi (both in June), there were already two grown up cats who were visiting us from time to time for a treat- a male and a female. Mind you, they are stray and feral, and do not like to be petted. They eat and run! Ever since I...
  2. Feral kitten ran from me & it’s dad

    Feral Cats
    Hey guys, I have a stray male cat thats been lingering around me for the last few weeks while I work in my front yard. I just discovered tonight that he’s been hiding a little baby kitten in the corner of my garage but I left the garage open and when I tried to reach the kitten to bring him...
  3. Feral Cat Sexing?Help??

    Introduce Yourself
    I’m trying to do TNR at a campus in central Colorado but there are a couple of pregnant cats already this year and some are decently far along. How can i sex a feral cat without looking at their bum? I cant quite just reach in and lift up their swishing tails and some of the young cats i cant...