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  1. Health and Nutrition
    So my 3-year old cat Simba has an allergy to flea saliva that I've been treating with revolution every month, but I've noticed he's got scabs all over his back, top of his head, and under his chin. He's also been biting his fur off on his backside, base of his tail, and up his hind legs. I've...
  2. Health and Nutrition
    Hi everyone! I've been dealing with a flea infestation for almost 2 months now and want this nightmare of a situation to end. It started out small, but then spread like wildfire around the entire house. I'm talking storms of fleas at a time trying to quench their thirst for blood by getting on...
  3. Health and Nutrition
    Hey team! I'm in search of a game plan. I’ve got one indoor/outdoor cat (M, 3yo, fixed, healthy, 15lbs) who definitely has fleas, and I’m moving in about two months. From what I’ve read, that’s not enough time to totally eliminate a flea problem. If that’s not enough to worry about, my...
1-3 of 3 Results