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  1. Why is my cat biting me?

    Hello! I have a neutered male cat that is turning 9 months soon. He is well behaved and socialised and has never hissed, growled, scratched or bit me out of anger/fear. As a young kitten he would often bite my toes to get my attention or because he was playing but it was never a hard bite and...
  2. clingy cat, smelly poop

    Our family has taken in a stray which is less than a year old. We did not know at the time but she was pregnant. We now have 6 kittens and mom (which is a kitten if you ask me). She was very sweet before having the kittens. However, she is now too sweet. I understand cats rub their loved ones to...
  3. Problem Holding Down Food

    Health and Nutrition
    I have had Molly for 5 years now. Started out ignorant & free feeding her cheap cat food. She got tubby & wold throw up on a regular basis (1st cause) and about 2-3 years ago, I bought a cat feeder and switched over to grain free, salmon first food. Had it portioned out 4 times a day because she...
  4. Feral Cat Sexing?Help??

    Introduce Yourself
    I’m trying to do TNR at a campus in central Colorado but there are a couple of pregnant cats already this year and some are decently far along. How can i sex a feral cat without looking at their bum? I cant quite just reach in and lift up their swishing tails and some of the young cats i cant...
  5. I can’t figure out the breed of my cat

    Meet My Kitty
    Hey all, Meet Myrtle! I adopted her when she was about 2 years old. I’m wondering if anyone has any knowledge about what breed she may be? Based off her markings and temperament, I’ve considered her being a rag doll-hybrid breed but I genuinely don’t know. I’ve included pictures where she can...
  6. My cat is limping

    Health and Nutrition
    Hello, today at noon my cat began to limp, occasionally raising her left hind leg, but it got worse and now she doesn't even want to walk. I looked if she had an injury but she has no scratches, blood, scars, etc. It does not appear that the leg has been bent because its shape seems the same as...
  7. What should I do with a stray cat...?

    So I've had this stray cat come by my apartment for a year or so. He's (I'm assuming he's a boy) really friendly and loves human contact. He rubs up against my family and, during the summer, he likes to sleep under the bush right in front of our house for hours and hours. He comes and goes, and...
  8. Could this be my missing cat.

    Meet My Kitty
    Hey everyone I'm new to this do please bare with me. Background. 2011 my big beautiful boy (Knox) vanished. I rescued him as a kitten from RSPCA in Australia so was vaccinated chipped the lot. After a few years of searching and waiting I then fell pregnant and life got crazy and my search for...
  9. Fear Agression At The Vets

    Help! My cat is loves strangers coming to our house, she's loves going to other people's houses, and she's fine riding on the crowded bus, but she freaks out at the vet's office. At the vet's office she becomes VERY aggressive. We've tried 2 different vet's and we're just now leaving the 2nd one...
  10. Help! Cat coughing?

    Health and Nutrition
    I have a kitten he’s 7-8 weeks old and he’s making a coughing sound. Kind of think it seems similar to a hair ball sound in normal cats but it’s much more throaty and much more airy then normal hair ball sounds I’ve heard before. He’s kind of hacking and his body shakes when he coughs.???