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  1. Behavior
    Help! One of my indoor cats is desperate to be an outdoor cat! Max is a black cat, looks like a leopard! He's 3 years old, very active, runs around the house all day, and is desperate to get out on my screened porch, which is his favorite spot. My other 2 kitties spend some time there too, but...
  2. Behavior
    Hello! My name is Delaney, I'm new here :] The last paragraph is the one asking the actual question, the ones before are just background information! About a year ago, against the rest of the family's judgement and warning, four feral 12 week old cats were brought onto our property (a 100 acre...
  3. Behavior
    (This is long so I have TL;DR at the end) Hi guys! I have questions about possibly letting my previously indoor cat be a part-time outdoor cat. His name is Gil and he’s 4 yrs. Up to this point he’s been let outside but only on a leash, unless he gets out of it. He’s always loved going outside...
1-3 of 3 Results