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  1. Health and Nutrition
    Hey guys, I’m not sure if I’m paranoid or what. My cat got neutered yesterday afternoon, and today I took off his cone for 2 seconds and he went crazy on his incision site:/ I can’t tell if he messed himself up bad or not. I’m attaching a pic (sorry if it’s gross) if anyone can tell me if this...
  2. Health and Nutrition
    My cats leg is swollen and is limping. My mom said she noticed it about 5 days ago. I didn’t see it until I noticed a wound on his leg. Then I noticed his fur looked weird and his leg kind of looked crooked. I said we should take him to the vet but my mom says no just to wash it and get some...
  3. Health and Nutrition
    Hi If you have experience treating pyometra non surgically please let me know
  4. Health and Nutrition
    My 6.5 month old cat (Noodle) has rubbed open his incision site (he realized he could use his elizabethan cone to rub and enflame the area), he is going to the vet clinic tomorrow but i just want some feedback on what y’all think is happening. I realize there is swelling and that could be why it...
  5. Health and Nutrition
    Hi there! I adopted my cat on 3/15/20 from the Animal Defense League. He is FIV+ and was previously a stray so I believe he’s just purging from his street life since we’ve had a few health issues (congestion, tapeworm). Now he has an ear infection that was diagnosed after I brought him in for a...
  6. Health and Nutrition
    I recently noticed dark brown specks on my cat’s lower belly in between his back legs. These specks are mainly on the skin, not in his fur, and they don’t come off easily. He’s an indoor cat and I’ve checked the rest of his body for fleas/flea dirt but haven't found anything. It seems like he’s...
1-6 of 6 Results