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  1. Introduction of new kitten.

    So we brought home a new baby today. Our other two cats definitely weren’t fond of the situation (which we anticipated). We have baby kitten in separate space of house but now our other two cats are growling and hissing and being very verbal when seeing each other. What shall we do in the...
  2. Adopted a kitten - now my once very happy cat - isn’t.

    Backstory: We adopted our female (fixed) 2 year old cat named Panda from a local shelter about 3 months ago. Panda was purring all the time, every day. So cuddly I even described her as a cat dog because she was so loving! About a month ago we were shopping for cat food and I saw this gentleman...
  3. Introducing two cats: jealousy issues?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and would love to get some feedback on my introductions. My first cat (Sampson) is almost a year old, neutered male. We're very bonded, he adapts to new situations very quickly and is pretty much glued to my side. Additionally, he's very vocal, though I...