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  1. Introduce Yourself
    hey! I used to be a part of the betta fish forum, and recently discovered this forum about cats! Looking forward to seeing you around the forum!
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I'm Skylar, your average goblin on the autism spectrum. I make art, but more importantly, I've got a hyperfixation on cats, which is why I'm here!! I go by she/her and some neopronouns, which I won't list for the sake of keeping this semi-short, but you can ask me if you're curious!
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, I just joined this forum because I love cats and have 3 of them myself! I look forward to quickly fitting in and finding like minded folks 🥰 p.s. for anyone curious, my username means "crazy cat" in Croatian, because sometimes I do feel like my cats are crazy and as a result love...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everyone, New here, and so glad to get to meet you all. Here's my introduction: I'm Aaron, a crazy cat daddy from Australia. Lenni is the cutie in the photo. Once again, it's a pleasure to be here.
  5. Behavior
    Hi all! I've been scouring the internet for any advice on my current problem (potentially? ah, I just don't know!) and this forum kept popping up with a lot of interesting reads, so I decided to join and hope to get any advice/insight with those who are more experienced cat owners than myself...
  6. Behavior
    Hey everyone, I just adopted a sweet grey domestic short hair kitty a couple days ago. He is just over 2 years old and has a very soft grey coat. I came to this forum as my partner and I have a resident cat. She is 3 years old, black and a domestic short hair. She is a little smaller than...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I'm a proud cat-lover. I have two rescued cats: Mimi and Nathaniel. I love learning about cats, taking pictures and videos of them. I would love to meet with other cat-lovers who enjoy talking about cats as much as I do. Here is a picture of my sweethearts.
1-7 of 7 Results