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kitten interaction

  1. New Kittens Hissing, Growling and Swatting

    Yesterday we picked up two adorable kittens from our local Humane Society. A girl and a boy. The cats shared a room, and were familiar with each other, and seemed to get along. Once home, they would explore, run around kitchen at first. In the kitchen, we had their litter box and food/water on...
  2. Trouble adapting to new kitten

    Sorry for the long post. A little background on my cats : Marigold is a few months old. I adopted her from someone giving kittens away on Craigslist. I also have a seven year old cat named Lily. I adopted Lily in a similar fashion when she was a kitten. For the past seven years it's been me and...
  3. New kitten too aggressive

    Hello everyone. I just got a kitten (female) of the same breed as my older kitten (make), same age but they won't tolerate each other. The female kitten (new one) specifically is the aggressive cat, not only towards the male but also towards us, unlike the male kitten when we got him. Any...