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  1. Cat Allergies or just sick? First time cat owner

    Health and Nutrition
    I really need some advice here. I recently adopted an amazing little 5 m/o cat on 10/04 after years of wanting one. As far as I'd known I was only very mildly allergic, simply from staying at friends places who have cats.. nothing an allergy pill couldn't clear up easily if I even had symptoms...
  2. New Member, 1st time cat owner

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello from Massachusetts. I’m looking forward to bringing home a baby boy Bengal soon. Anyone have tips and or tricks?
  3. Kitten

    Got a kitten
  4. How to deal with scaredy cat?

    Hi! So I'm a first time cat owner as I recently adopt a 3 month old Siamese lynx point two weeks ago and I am having a bit of trouble with her. I don't think she was properly socialized when she was younger because any single little thing scareds her. When I first brought her home, she was...
  5. Aggressive upon introduction

    Hey everyone, I write this to you in the midst of a feline crisis... About a month ago we adopted a female kitty that was about 3 weeks old at the time, and named her Fleur. Fleur is a very vibrant Kitty, thats always full of energy and the need to play, or else we become her play-prey, nothing...
  6. Kitten ate elder cats meds

    Health and Nutrition
    My daughter is staying with her kitten and he ate all of the older cats food which has her heart and diuretic meds in it what do we watch for
  7. Mystery Kitten Coat

    Meet My Kitty
    Hello! This is my recently rescued kitten Elvis, from what I believe he was a tuxedo kitten and then he started forming silver stripes what coloring do y'all consider this? Also his hair is growing into a Mohawk, short on the sides and very long on his back...will his hair on the sides grow long...
  8. Kitten has a weird wound

    Health and Nutrition
    Hello! I’ve noticed a weird wound on my rescue kitten, I was wondering if it was ringworms? but it didn’t look dry at all...
  9. New Kittens Hissing, Growling and Swatting

    Yesterday we picked up two adorable kittens from our local Humane Society. A girl and a boy. The cats shared a room, and were familiar with each other, and seemed to get along. Once home, they would explore, run around kitchen at first. In the kitchen, we had their litter box and food/water on...
  10. Mother's behaviour towards kittens from different litter, aggressive?

    Hi, Months before I had rescued the motherless kittens Goku and Sumi (both in June), there were already two grown up cats who were visiting us from time to time for a treat- a male and a female. Mind you, they are stray and feral, and do not like to be petted. They eat and run! Ever since I...
  11. 6 week old kitten stares at me, proceeds to rush towards my face

    Hey all! I have two rescue kittens, a boy and a girl, both 6 weeks old. The boy is very attached to me. He is slightly smaller, so i think he was the runt of the motherless litter. He's very clingy and equally loving. We've been trying to wean him for some time now, but he nuzzles around my...
  12. Ragdoll baldy patch

    Health and Nutrition
    Good afternoon everyone. I have a 8 month old ragdoll kitten I have recently just noticed a patch on her leg, there is no furr but there is a dark mark on her skin, I will attach a photograph. It doesn't appear to be scabby or sore to touch. Has anyone came across anything like this before...
  13. Trouble adapting to new kitten

    Sorry for the long post. A little background on my cats : Marigold is a few months old. I adopted her from someone giving kittens away on Craigslist. I also have a seven year old cat named Lily. I adopted Lily in a similar fashion when she was a kitten. For the past seven years it's been me and...
  14. Hi all! New here

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, my name is Amanda and I just got a 6wk old baby boy named Archie. He's sooo sweet and loving! Attached is a pic of Archie sleeping on my shoulder.
  15. Hi! Weird meowing/crying problems

    Hello! My kitten Snickers and I are new to this site, but I do have a question. For the past week she has been meowing and crying randomly, for about 5-10 mintes without stopping; she also rolls around on her back a lot. She is about 4 months old so I don’t think it’s her first heat, I was...
  16. Kitten suckling when being held

    So this is kind of weird, but I'm having an issue with my kitten sucking on his own private parts when he is held. He is about 4 months old and when ever I hold him or pick him up, he instantly wants to suck his "area". He only does it if he's being held, never in any other instances. He will do...