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  1. Bad cat mom? Help

    Hey! My cat got 2 kittens on sunday and Im really worried because she leaves them many times a day and they are just 4/5 days old! I thought she would bring most of her time with the kittens, and I have made a box for her but she moves them under my bed all the time and when I lay down blankets...
  2. New kitten too aggressive

    Hello everyone. I just got a kitten (female) of the same breed as my older kitten (make), same age but they won't tolerate each other. The female kitten (new one) specifically is the aggressive cat, not only towards the male but also towards us, unlike the male kitten when we got him. Any...
  3. Kittens are starving

    Health and Nutrition
    I don't own a cat but its about my friend, near his house a cat gave birth to kittens and sadly died, the kittens are very young and starving. He tried to feed them milk with syringe but it wasn't working. Today he bought cat milk powder from watching some YouTube videos but he told me they only...
  4. mysterious kittens

    Cats In Need
    Hello, I am fostering 3 kittens, that were found abandoned, without mother in the middle of nowhere and were really sick. They are pretty healthy now. There are two girls and one red boy that will stay with me forever, he was also in the worst state. It took us more than two weeks to actually...