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maine coon
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  1. Breeding
    Hello I would like to hear about your experiences with these breeds. I know every cat is an individual but maybe there is something I haven't found out about these breeds yet. I'd love to hear from owners how these cats are in your home. I read that they both are affectionate breeds but who's...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello! I am Ross. I live in Nashville. I have a 14-year-old Maine ****/Ragdoll mix named Lucifer. I love him very much except between 1-5am when he lives to wake me up every 30 minutes. Nice to meet all of you! -- Ross Senack
  3. Behavior
    Hello! Our cat's brother died a year ago. Both cats came from the same litter and have lived their (his) whole life together. Since the death of our cat, his sister (sterilized European housecat, 7 years old) has been living alone. The two would cuddle at times but also often fight. Overall...
  4. Maine ****

    LC was the love of my life, we will miss her RIP
  5. Meet My Kitty
    Hello we just got 3 months old kitty Oskar (I am from Czech Republic, in english it could be Oscar), we think it might be a Maine **** cat crossbreed. Or I am wrong? What do you think?
1-6 of 6 Results