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male cat

  1. Health and Nutrition
    My 6.5 month old cat (Noodle) has rubbed open his incision site (he realized he could use his elizabethan cone to rub and enflame the area), he is going to the vet clinic tomorrow but i just want some feedback on what y’all think is happening. I realize there is swelling and that could be why it...
  2. Behavior
    Hello! I have a neutered male cat that is turning 9 months soon. He is well behaved and socialised and has never hissed, growled, scratched or bit me out of anger/fear. As a young kitten he would often bite my toes to get my attention or because he was playing but it was never a hard bite and...
  3. Meet My Kitty
    We found a cat in a snowstorm and are going to bring it to the vet. Meanwhile can anyone tell me if it is a male (castrated) or female? Ive never had cats
  4. Behavior
    Hello everyone. I have a nine year old male cat that is neutered. He is 14.5 pounds which the vet said was perfect for him and he has no other diagnosed issues other than feline asthma. He is not receiving treatment for asthma because I was told he would develop diabetes if he continued with the...