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  1. Behavior
    Hello I’m moving out in a month or so and I have 3 male cats (Leo, Oreo, bagheera) that are 4 year olds I had them since they were newborns and they are all brothers 3 years ago we moved into a new house and they got stressed but they were kittens so they got used to it quickly the only problem...
  2. Behavior
    i want to make this quick. i’m a minor that’s not yet 18. my parents were out of the country to take care of business and i live with my grandparents and siblings. at some point early this year, my mom asked if i want two new black cats that are up for adoption. her friend (owner of the cats)...
  3. Health and Nutrition
    sorry this is a long one..idk what to do but i am going to consult my vet soon. i have 2 cats: 1 (Lily) i've had since she was a kitten (she is 4 now), she's overweight and on prescription food/on a diet. the other one (Rebel) is her baby (my mom had her for years up until recently, now i have...
1-3 of 3 Results