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  1. New kitten introduction

    Hi everyone, i currently have a 2 year old cat named Mo who is very playful, cuddly, vocal and loves his people. I just rescued a kitten that was living under my shed. His name is yogi. He was fostered with other kittens before coming to live with us. yogi is also playful and loves to snuggle...
  2. Two kitties not getting along

    Hello all. Any suggestions, tips, insights are welcome. I have an almost 6 month old female kitty that we have gotten from someone in the area that was giving away her cat's litter. We have not brought her to the vet yet. On a very, very short notice we got a possibly 8-12 weeks female kitten 3...
  3. newly adopted cat / question about clinginess and kitchen safety

    I adopted a cat a week ago (my first pet/cat), and he is a sweet 2 year old boy who is already settling in nicely to his new home (a modest 1 bedroom apartment, with just me). Turnip tended to be a bit clingy when he first arrived, which was totally fine, and he is already making strides with...
  4. Introduction of new kitten.

    So we brought home a new baby today. Our other two cats definitely weren’t fond of the situation (which we anticipated). We have baby kitten in separate space of house but now our other two cats are growling and hissing and being very verbal when seeing each other. What shall we do in the...
  5. New Cat Aggression: Need help please!

    Up until a couple months ago we had three cats. We have Meatball (male, 3) and Toto (female, 2) They are energetic and fun cats. They are very sweet natured. We have Zoey who was a rescue about 8 years ago and she’s very old and definitely seems to be coming to the end of her days sadly...