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  1. Cat Emergencies
    There's a stray cat that regularly visits my house and upon seeing anyone, runs away. We have given her milk a few times and she drinks it when we are not looking/we are not there. She gave birth to 2 (maybe 3) kittens 2 days ago and I found one below my dining table. The cat was hiding in the...
  2. Health and Nutrition
    so my 6 day old kitten (call her baby kitten) only gained 6 grams today. this is her chart day 1: 111g day 2: 130g day 3: 145g day 4: 165g day 5: 173g day 6: 179g her siblings gained more today comparing to her. this is their chart: casper: day1: 115g day 2: 131g day 3: 149g day4: 176g...
  3. Breeding
    Hey! My cat got 2 kittens on sunday and Im really worried because she leaves them many times a day and they are just 4/5 days old! I thought she would bring most of her time with the kittens, and I have made a box for her but she moves them under my bed all the time and when I lay down blankets...
1-3 of 3 Results