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peeing on bed
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  1. Behavior
    Hello! We rescued Prim when she was about 8 months old. She had the entire house to herself for a whole year until we rescued a stray a few months ago. Unfortunately, Prim is urinating on our beds, blankets, and my gym bag! It's definitely behavioral and territorial, but DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY...
  2. Behavior
    Hey there , I have 4 cats. They all have routine check ups and all that, so this was discussed previously but we are still having issues. One of our kitties not sure who exactly has been urinating on our bed. Now it’s not constantly it’s once like every 5 months. The key is that it’s always on...
  3. Behavior
    Hi everyone, I just adopted a 1-year-old cat that showed up our front door and seemed to have been abandoned. She's extremely friendly, constantly grooming, and correctly used her litter box immediately. However, she keeps peeing everywhere she lies down on. That includes my bed, her bed, the...
  4. Behavior
    Hello! I adopted my first ever cat about two weeks ago! She is spayed & ~8 year-old Siamese mix and EVERY single day she urinates and defecates on my bed. I have looked up and tried every thing from Google and my vets recommendation and nothing is working. I tried changing her litter and litter...
  5. Health and Nutrition
    We have 2 kittens, siblings, 7months old, male & female. Not sure which one and/or both are peeing on beds. Looking for information on what might be going on.
1-5 of 5 Results