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  1. Cats In Need
    hi, hope you're doing well there's a stray cat near my job that my family and i have been keeping an eye on for a year or so and helping whenever we can. she's most likely pregnant now, this is the third time since we've kinda taken her in. we just want to find her a safe place since we...
  2. Health and Nutrition
    What are all the signs / symptoms / behaviors of labor? She’s purring 24/7 even when she’s not being touched she’s using the liter box like ever 30 mins she wants all the attentions and love . I haven’t seen any contractions thou
  3. Health and Nutrition
    Hi everyone I’m new here. I found this forum while doing research on the topic I’m about to ask you all about. My cat Callie is pregnant and due February 14, 2022. Today when me and my fiancé woke up she was acting like she was in heat. The other day I felt a kitten multiple times, and she’s had...
  4. Behavior
    I have a cat at home currently 9 months. Shes on heat at the moment. I need to go neuter her I know. My husband brought home a female rescue she is 12yo. I put her in a seperate room with comfy sleeping spots food litter box etc. i noticed now that the rescue is pregnant. How will they react...
  5. Breeding
    Hello everyone! i am new here and i need some advice, for starters i have a female cat that is around 3 years old, she has been pregnant once before! after moving i think she got out and got pregnant, she has a lot of fur but you can feel her stomach has gotten bigger. she`s generally very small...
  6. Health and Nutrition
    Alexa, whom we rescued 11/10/2020, turned out to be pregnant. 11/27/2020, she gave birth to her first kitten at 2:09pm which, sadly, cane out feet first and did not make it. On 11/28/2020, at 3:54am & 4:13am, she had two healthy babies which keep trying to suckle. However, we were looking at...
1-6 of 6 Results