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  1. Raw Food Diet
    I take care of a feral cat and the food that I currently feed him is Rachel Ray's wet food. I am 100% for raw diets and would love to out him on one soon!! I see him eat birds and mice all the time so if I did put him on a raw food diet would he be getting too much raw food? Right now I give him...
  2. Raw Food Diet
    Hi Guys! I recently switched my kitten over to a store bought raw diet. He's a 5 m/o 7.5lbs domestic / mainecoon mix named Sir Alfie. So I usually dethaw about 1/4 cup of Stella & Chewy's frozen raw diet (duck duck goose) for each meal and I mix in some Primal goat milk and fish broth w/ fish...
1-2 of 2 Results