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  1. Introduce Yourself
    مرحبا انا احب اسم قطتي فيصل لكني من سوريا في حرب سوريا منذ 13 عامًا. But this the days i dont have money for buy food for my cat
  2. Health and Nutrition
    I so desperately need advice/help. My 14 year old cat Shock is diabetic. She gets 2.5 units of insulin twice per day. She has been sneaking our other cat's food for the last few weeks-so eating all of her own and then some. A few days ago she started acting uncomfortable-stretching out like she...
  3. Health and Nutrition
    Hey all, I'm new here, so hope I'm doing this properly. I have a six year-old furbaby that ripped through two layers of screen, and fell 3+ stories. This was about six days ago, give or take. She was taken immediately to the vet, where it was determined that she had too badly shattered her...
  4. Health and Nutrition
    My cat has been hiding under the couch since yesterday afternoon. He will not take food or water , and not eating is very unusual for him, he LOVES food. He hasn’t tried to go to the litter box or even walk around. What should I do? Have you ever experienced this?
  5. Health and Nutrition
    I feel I have reached a dead end with my poor cat Suki. Since October 2020 she has turned into a completely different cat, she is around 14 years old and used to have the funniest, active personality (almost like a kitten) she was joined at my hip since the day we got her and due to my change...
  6. Health and Nutrition
    Hello, Last night my 16-week-old kitten got some cleaner called Pine Clean (it's all natural, no bleach) on her paws. After walking around a bit and walking through her litterbox, she proceeded to clean her paws and I think she might have ingested some. I'm afraid it might have hurt her. She...
  7. Health and Nutrition
    I have a middle aged female cat. She is mostly feral and a couple years ago be had to take her to the vet because of her constant puking. She was starving.. They think she has a tumor growing but we cant afford to get it removed. They suggested a shot of steroids every month however they said it...
1-7 of 7 Results