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  1. Health and Nutrition
    I feel I have reached a dead end with my poor cat Suki. Since October 2020 she has turned into a completely different cat, she is around 14 years old and used to have the funniest, active personality (almost like a kitten) she was joined at my hip since the day we got her and due to my change...
  2. Health and Nutrition
    Hello, Last night my 16-week-old kitten got some cleaner called Pine Clean (it's all natural, no bleach) on her paws. After walking around a bit and walking through her litterbox, she proceeded to clean her paws and I think she might have ingested some. I'm afraid it might have hurt her. She...
  3. Health and Nutrition
    I have a middle aged female cat. She is mostly feral and a couple years ago be had to take her to the vet because of her constant puking. She was starving.. They think she has a tumor growing but we cant afford to get it removed. They suggested a shot of steroids every month however they said it...
1-3 of 3 Results