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  1. Feral Cat is our new buddy

    Health and Nutrition
    Hi! Just searching internet for any discussions on kinda adopting a stray cat. we’ve had a kitty for the last year we’ve been feeding, last year we built him a fort on out back porch to stay warm. The past few weeks, he has been coming in our house. No fleas but he’s so skinny (last couple of...
  2. 6 week old kitten stares at me, proceeds to rush towards my face

    Hey all! I have two rescue kittens, a boy and a girl, both 6 weeks old. The boy is very attached to me. He is slightly smaller, so i think he was the runt of the motherless litter. He's very clingy and equally loving. We've been trying to wean him for some time now, but he nuzzles around my...
  3. Feral kitten ran from me & it’s dad

    Feral Cats
    Hey guys, I have a stray male cat thats been lingering around me for the last few weeks while I work in my front yard. I just discovered tonight that he’s been hiding a little baby kitten in the corner of my garage but I left the garage open and when I tried to reach the kitten to bring him...
  4. Stray Cat Help

    There are several cats who hang out in my apartment complex's parking lot. Four live at the house next door and have food, shelter, routine vet care, etc. Two are sort of skittish and rarely seen, and two are exceptionally friendly and will run up to people they see hoping for pets. I literally...
  5. What should I do with a stray cat...?

    So I've had this stray cat come by my apartment for a year or so. He's (I'm assuming he's a boy) really friendly and loves human contact. He rubs up against my family and, during the summer, he likes to sleep under the bush right in front of our house for hours and hours. He comes and goes, and...
  6. Hello feline lovers

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi there. I am new here. All my life I have always had cats, infact that’s also my nickname lol. I currently have 1 furball ATM and he has turned out to be the best cat I have ever owned. He was found back in 2018, right before Christmas. My child really wanted a pet and I recalled seeing some...