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  1. Cat Chat
    Our 5yr old cat has always been a houdini of sorts. Well this last time she got out she was gone for roughly a month. We thought we had lost her for good. She randomly showed back up the other day to our delight. Turns out she was hanging out at a hotel down the street the whole time. But now...
  2. Behavior
    For roughly 5 years maybe there's been the same cat living around my house. Our landlord and I have helped take care of and look after her (gender assumed based on fur pattern) all this time. Even though she doesn't allow us physical contact since she always runs 5 feet away and just stare...
  3. Behavior
    My cat has been acting strangely since this morning. He keeps walking around in slow motion, sniffing everything. He has been getting freaked out by things left lying around the house that have always been there. He is acting like he is seeing hallucinations. He is an 1 year old indoor Scottish...
1-3 of 3 Results