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  1. Cat Emergencies
    Hey my cat diagnosed of FOP disease(Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva) do you have any experience of it. My vet has limited information on it. Any kind of help will be appreciated.
  2. Cat Chat
    Hi Cat Lovers! As part of my animal managment course I need to collect some reponses about people's experience with UK veterinary services during the pandemic. If you have owned your cat(s) for over a year, your completion of this quick survey would be greatly appreciated. These results will...
  3. Cat

    Health and Nutrition
    Love my cat
  4. Health and Nutrition
    I have completed initial vaccination of my cats. Doctor has given annual vaccination date for combination vaccination. I have a question regarding that I will ask my veterinary doctor in the next visit. However if anyone had one situation where the first annual vaccination...
  5. Health and Nutrition
    Does anyone know why my 5MO kitten has this on his ear? He has an older sister so I’m not sure if this is just scratches from their playing, OR because Dumpling just went to the Vet to get neutered, so maybe it’s something from there? IF this is something he contracted from the vet, how do I go...
  6. Health and Nutrition
    Warning: photo is quite disturbing!! [REMOVED] I noticed twice in a week some really strange stuff on my carpet can not determine if its from my cat or she bought home with her. My cat is mostly an outdoor cat she only usually comes to to eat and snooze. I initially thought she pooed herself...
  7. Health and Nutrition
    Hi, my cat went for her booster vaccination today and it came out the other side of her skin. The vet is very nervous and he's made a mistake every time I've seen him with my other cats. The needle and fluid went straight through and he didn't notice. I had to point it out to him and he said 'oh...
  8. Behavior
    Help! My cat is loves strangers coming to our house, she's loves going to other people's houses, and she's fine riding on the crowded bus, but she freaks out at the vet's office. At the vet's office she becomes VERY aggressive. We've tried 2 different vet's and we're just now leaving the 2nd one...
1-8 of 8 Results