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  1. Health and Nutrition
    My 4 month old kitten had never vomited before until two days ago. He vomited twice two nights ago and once last night. All three times the vomit looked like brown mush (his food). I checked his poop for worms this morning and didn’t see anything, and his poop looks normal. He is acting...
  2. Health and Nutrition
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but wanted to ask you all if you might have any idea what is going on with my cat. I'm really worried for him :( History is detailed below: Gender: Male Age: 5 years 9 months Weight: 6.2kg Neutered domestic short hair Over the last 5 weeks he has been vomitting...
  3. Health and Nutrition
    Hi all, I have been taking care of Ball Ball for almost three years. He is 8 years old and since I knew him, he always vomits, usually once a month. The frequency increased to about once two weeks last year, and this year it has been almost once per week. His vomits vary from time to time, most...
1-3 of 3 Results