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weird behaviour

  1. Newly adopted cat pees everywhere she lies down on

    Hi everyone, I just adopted a 1-year-old cat that showed up our front door and seemed to have been abandoned. She's extremely friendly, constantly grooming, and correctly used her litter box immediately. However, she keeps peeing everywhere she lies down on. That includes my bed, her bed, the...
  2. clingy cat, smelly poop

    Our family has taken in a stray which is less than a year old. We did not know at the time but she was pregnant. We now have 6 kittens and mom (which is a kitten if you ask me). She was very sweet before having the kittens. However, she is now too sweet. I understand cats rub their loved ones to...
  3. Hi! Weird meowing/crying problems

    Hello! My kitten Snickers and I are new to this site, but I do have a question. For the past week she has been meowing and crying randomly, for about 5-10 mintes without stopping; she also rolls around on her back a lot. She is about 4 months old so I don’t think it’s her first heat, I was...