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♥ Kitten Kisses ♥

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Here are some kitten tongues for everyone! :love2 They sure are keeping mum busy.. and this mum too! Every two hours I transform into the food referee for Freddie. He is nearly the same size he was the day he was born while the others have grown along like kitties are supposed to. Tomorrow we'll be getting him some supplements and stuff at the vet to ensure he grows into a plump kitten himself!

Andy napping after a snack! He is the biggest, healthiest and strongest of the bunch. He clumsily walks on all four of his paws already and is even starting to venture out. I'm impressed but wish he would slow down!!

The girl of the bunch.. beautiful pewter fur, who knows where that came from! :wink I don't have a temp. name for her yet. She was born screaming her head off and screams when she doesn't get her way, so Princess is a possibility but any more unique ideas??

This is actually the very moment Freddie opened his eye and I didn't notice until I saw the picture of him. Then I freaked out because the flash decided to turn on! :? So in love with this guy.

Wobbles, also trying to walk and leave already. But another pic where I turn the flash off and it flashes anyway?

Weebles, last to open his precious eyes.. they are getting there!

Group photo! Baby girl, Freddie, Weebles, Wobbles and Andy.

Hope they made you smile even more today! :)
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They are all so cute! It looks like you and mommy have your hands full!
Adorable!!!! Can I has one? Ugh too bad I live so far away or I'd snag one of them suckers up, possibly Freddy, I am a sucker for the little ones.
Oh they are gorgeous! What a handful though.
Thanks everyone! I could just sit & watch them for hours because they are so cute and fascinating. And Missy is turning out to be a much better mom than expected, big props to her! It really helps that she's been more than OK with me helping her out from the very start, thank goodness. I think she's partially confused about some things because, for example, if one of her babies crawls out from their nest she will come to me in a panic & meow her head off until I put it back. Silly girl.

I am a sucker for the little ones.
I am too! I'm kind of hoping no one wants him so that I can keep him all for myself. ;)

Edit: I also mixed up Weebles & Wobbles names when I posted the pics.. oops!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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