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1 year ago today, we met and brought home aster and cody :)

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i am sharing some of the pictures that i currently have on my phone, most of the kitten pictures are tucked away inside of my old computer that i need to organize one of these days.

but that aside, i can't believe how quickly time flies! we love our babies so much! i have learned so much on this forum to give what's best for them. cody and aster thank you guys =)

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Wonderful pictures of Aster and Cody....beautiful cats with such plush fur coats!
They're both so beautiful. I love the matching white bibs on them!
oh they're so darling :) i love fluffy cats.

and i, too, have a couple of dead computers sitting here with most of my pictures on them. if i had any sense i would have put the pictures on tinypic or photobucket but nooooo, that would be too easy.
They are so cute! Same as Spotty, I also like the photo of them looking outside window the best :) Cody looks like a very loyal & innocent boy, and Aster is definitely a princess. She even has a beautiful eyeliner at the corner of her left eye! :lol:
Thank you for the updated pictures of Cody and Aster. They've grown into incredibly gorgeous cats.
I am glad I got to see these. I literally caught myself saying "oh wow!" every time.
They are so gorgeous. I love huge fluffy tails!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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