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It's been a while since I last posted picures of my kitties, so here they are, 10 weeks old today!


Brennan, or "Moses" as he will be called by his new owners, is a real gentle soul, so mellow and cuddly!


Here's a real princess! She purrs whenever you touch here, or even if you are petting the kitten next to her! :lol: She really is a little lady, she loves it when you feed here with your fingers rather than eating from the bowl. :roll: But she's a real sweetheart, I could just eat her right up! :luv


Bronwyn, or "Zibell" has grown into a tough, playful girl! She the second largest in the litter now, with a real big tummy and nice big paws! :luv
Such a sweet girl, and with amazing, sapphire-blue eyes!


Oh, the little trickster! He looks innocent enough in these pictures, but he a real mischief-maker! He's best game is to "help" me when I'm cleaning the litterbox or sweeping the floor. He alwysd comes running then, and start chasing the broom or play in the sand. :roll: :lol: But he's a real charmer, It won't be easy letting him go...


The biggest boy in the litter, and growing fast! He's a real cuddler, who loves to be petted on the tummy! :)
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