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Hello everyone I am Mr. Jackie O and my newly adopted lil princess is Jackie O. I picked her up from a shelter who unfortunately have time limits... I actually feel even better cause I feel like I saved her. I'm sure in the years to come I will realize she saved me but that's just positive thinking for the future.

Anyway Jackie Is 2.7 9lbs a and according to her records in perfect condition. Only bad thing is she is nit good with children which is ok with me. I am a single bachelor. I've neve had a child in my home ever. She is a grey and white DSH. It's only been 3 days and so far things are moving in the right direction, too good to be true.

Night 1 - nothing. She stayed in the provided carrier (cardboard with a blanket I brought from house for her to get the house scent ahead of time). She didn't eat drink or use the litter.

Day 1 - morning same as top

Night 2 - she was out if te box and laying on the bed that she stumbled upon I took that immediate opportunity to remove the cardboard carrierfrom the room. Still no contact with me. I took her food away and water away and initiated playtime as I sat on the floor in a blanket that was Warner than the floor. She circled me many tines saying against the wall Whig I assume was rubbing her scent all around or just getting as far away as possible. With a far away feather mouse bell combo toy from a distant u tried to catch her attention getting 40%. Wet food alone was given with clean water and I sat there listening to the radio for awhile n no eat

Day 2 - she ate, she made me pet, we played and then I brought out her scratching post with catnip. Nothing. Not interested so it seemed. Found nasty surprises in kitterbox and was probably the happiest I will ever be about that.

Night 3 - after work we played she's eating nicely and very affectionate today. She used the scratch post today and has been beating up this mini Teddy bear that my moms dog plays with when I had to dogsit (pikanese chuahuah mix) she lives it. ( I plan on bringing the toy back and forth so they familiarize themselves with da hitters scent just incase) their cousins now lol. She is vocalizing now when I enter her room. And responds to my voice.

I thought I would share my experience so far. I'm getting ready for bed shortly and Jackie is as well I have set up an appointment for her first visit to her new vet near my house. The only question I really have is what should I ask the vet to continue this great start?

PS - Glad to be here btw
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