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Where to start with this sorry tale ?? I didnt put it in cat chat cos it includes other species.

Lets start with the cats .. or kittens to be more precise .. these two little darlings are 6 months old .. and are the naughtiest kittens I have ever had the misfortune to come across ....

They are also "suckers" meaning they wake me up at 3.30am sucking on my blanket and purring frantically for food .... they smooch and love Monty (the dog) who yawns gently and starts to whine at Miki .. now he whines at Miki to go and pee with him ( I think) .... I get up . feed the cats , let the dogs out to have a pee .. and by this time I cant be bothered to go back to bed so I make coffee and head for my PC ....

Monty starts to whine again .... heavens I didnt feed him , how remiss of me .... I do the deed and head back to the PC scrape the two kittens of my keyboard , restart the PC , and fix my settings ....

Monty (remember him ?) starts to whine again ..... okay what the #%^ do you want now !!!! oh his bed .... go and fetch his bed .... go back to the pc rescrape the kittens of my pc , and go through the whole schelp again .

A happy chirp starts which I ignore .. the chirp gets frantic , another chirp starts and then two discinct whistles ..... give up the PC and get the birds up .....

Neither of the greys want to stay on their cages .. so its up and down up and down ... and the nexy this I hear a clang ..... the duck has climbed in through the cat flap and is swimming in the dogs water dish :roll:

Sheesh no wonder im on medication :idea:
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